The Amazing Examples Of Experimental Design

The Amazing Examples Of Experimental Design

Web designers are always interested in trends, and they want to create unique websites that attract the bigger audience, but also the business offers. Sometimes they stick to the usual pattern that is secure and approved, but sometimes, they try to experiment with design to create new trends in the market. This process can be risky because you don’t know what feedback you will get, on the other hand, you can take some who can pay off in the end. So, let look at the examples of websites that have an experimental and unique design.

Long-form content in Geospace

More and more websites are publishing the long stories which are supported by photos, provoking quotes, great videos and complex data. So, it shouldn’t surprise that this new trend is becoming a standard in web design. Thus, the Geospace has adopted this new concept and went to a whole new level. The site combines techniques found in books and magazines, which has become a new editorial approach. The Geospace has an advanced typographic design, and the web designer of this site has managed to create a glossy publication with interactivity, and instead of using the vertical page viewpoint, they created horizontal viewpoint as a spread.

Navigation in site Species in PiecesNavigation in site Species in Pieces

The final design of Species in Pieces has combined immense experience in CSS animations and unique UI patterns. The site has one goal, and that’s to raise awareness of endangered species and help in their preservation. Considering this was a personal project, the web designer had freedom build a site, regardless of the conversion. Nowadays, the freedom to express your idea is a luxury, primarily if you are working for someone. But, Bryan James, who is the web designer of this website, took full advantage of this situation. The site combines simplicity and content are contained in horizontal viewpoint. The focus is on a transition from one species to another, and the secondary information is hidden behind navigation options. In this case, the illustrations have an opportunity to shine and to consume the viewer’s attention.

Stylish Navigation Menus for Design Inspiration

Stylish Navigation Menus for Design Inspiration

In the last couple of years, the web design has advanced a lot. The new trends are appearing every day, and the visitors always want to see something spectacular. But, the web design can be a double-edged sword, if you create a too complicated site, the visitors will have a hard time navigating it. In this case, you need to make a balance between demands and expectations. So, if you lack inspiration, we are going to offer you some ideas for navigation menus, which can boost the layout of your site.

Fixed scrolling navigation bars

Navigation has a specific purpose, to help users get from point A to all other points on a site. If you keep the navigation menu in one place, it will allow users to utilize the website from any location. This entire process has become more accessible with the use of CSS and jQuery plugins. Considering that many sites have adopted this trend, we think it will become a foundation of modern web design. The fixed navigation bar is not only useful on PC, but also for mobile users. They don’t have scroll at the top, just to research the website further. So, if you have a site that features a lot of navigation items, then it’s a good idea to keep them in one place.

Mega menus

The mega menus have been popular with the magazine-style websites. They are different from regular drop-down menus because they contain the multiple columns of content. Unfortunately, this type of navigational menu won’t work for every website. Is only useful if you have enough material to fill a mega menu and they have the best design when you are filled up with content which gives them magazine look. There are several reasons why you should use mega menus. First of all, the visitors can get a sense of your blog or website, without browsing. So, if you can provide enough content, then why not use them. The only drawback is that mage menus don’t work on smartphone platforms. Thus, before using this navigation menu, you should think about viewers and devices they are using.

Remote Design Jobs – The Advantages

Remote Design Jobs – The Advantages

Nowadays, web design has become a very creative job, and it allows you to express your ideas, in accordance with your employer. Many young people are choosing to work remotely because it saves them a lot of time and money. They can organize their schedule, and in some way, this form or work will become a trend in future. We have a lot of freelancers who are earning huge salaries, without having additional expenses and they are mostly employed in IT sector. So, if you are thinking about getting a remote web design job, then here is why you need to do it.

You will have a flexible schedule

We have an impression that everybody today is lacking time. But, that won’t be a case if you are working remotely. You can create your timetable and have some free time to relax and hang out with your friend. It’s up to you how well you are organized and how well you’ll use the free time.

You will learn new skills

When you are working from home, you’ll have two possibilities, either you will fail, or you will find new ways to succeed in your new position. Usually, when people are working remotely, they develop a unique set of skills which allows the perform job easier and faster.

You will save money

Think about all the money you are going to save on transportation and meals. No longer you have to pay for gas or taxi to get to work. Instead of that, you can eat at home and work from home. You don’t need a car, nor public transportation.

No one can control you

Many people have bad days when they don’t want to go to work, just go back to bed and sleep. Well, while you are at home, you can just do that. In this case, you don’t have a boss, or manager who can monitor you all the time. You can complain, yell, cry, no one can hear you. In this case, your only trouble is to finish the project and submit your work.



24 Carat Design is available to help take you from your initial design idea to putting your site up on the Web and maintaining it.
We would first discuss how you want your site to look, how many pages you think you’ll need, what market you’d like to target, etc. You can then decide which of the three plans you would like or if you would like a custom plan. Then, we would develop some prototypes of a home page so that you can determine what design and colors best suit you. After you provide us with your design decision, logo, text, and any graphics you want, 24 Carat Design will begin to build your site.
• If you need your logo, other graphics, and/or animation created as an additional service, no problem.
• If you would like forms or surveys included on your site, we’re here with the solution.
• If you would like assistance with writing and/or editing text, we can provide that service.
• If you want help selecting a domain name and registering it, and need suggestions for hosting your site, we offer that service too.
• If you want a standard plan but would like to select certain additional services, that can be arranged.


Would you like a logo made for your web site? 24 Carat Design has the tools available to create one for you. If you would like buttons created for your web site navigation or photos scanned into the site, all the tools are on hand to accomplish this efficiently and creatively. If you would like a particular background graphic created to meet your specific wishes, that can be done too.

Do you want animated images or Flash movies? No problem! 24 Carat Design offers creation of Flash movies or banners for those situations where Flash is deemed the best solution to presenting your message.

24 Carat Design personnel work primarily with PhotoShop, ImageReady, Fireworks, and Macromedia’s Flash. To enhance your site, special effects can also be created using JavaScript, Java applets, and cascading style sheets.
The Written Word
Writing for the web entails using a style that viewers can not only understand but that will catch their attention … and keep them reading your important information! 24 Carat Design’s personnel have many years of experience writing, editing, and formatting text for different types of media, including television, CD-ROM interactive titles, and the Web.

24 Carat Design24 Carat Design can write and/or edit:
• text for your web site
• copy
• CD-ROM titles
• business communiques
• documentation
• press releases
24 Carat Design can also create PDF files for any files that can be saved as “print via PDF Writer” and include them on your site.
Publicity and Marketing
To help make your presence known on the Web, 24 Carat Design can write and submit press releases online to help publicize the virtual reality of your presence on the Internet.


Before accepting any project, our team of experts will have a meeting with potential clients. We want to hear your ideas and opinion about the layout. Then, we will suggest you the best solutions for your site, which will increase the traffic and help the visitors recognize your quality.