What makes a great web site?

Great Web Sites all have three main ingredients. They are:

  • useful and informative.
  • attractive and interesting.
  • fast and easy to navigate through.

How do I make my web site fast?

On each web page within your site, you need to keep track of how many words and images you have. More pictures and more words or larger photos, etc. will only serve to make your page download slowly, frustrating a viewer of your site and perhaps causing them to leave. We will help make sure that your site is fast and looks great!

What about email or providing access to the Internet?

We can put an email button on your web site if you already have an existing email address. Or, we can place this button on your page(s) when you get your host and choose to use your domain name as your email address.

We are not an internet service provider and do not hook people up to the Internet. We design, build and maintain web sites. However, we can suggest access providers for dial-up or cable access to the Internet if you do not yet have such access.

What about animation on my site?

We have a library of stock animation and javascripts. Much like clip art, these items can be selectively placed within your web site to make it more interesting. Be careful about putting too much animation in your site – each piece slows your site down and can lead to a loony tunes look of over-animation or noise on your page.

What type of information should I include in my site?

At the minimum we recommend that you provide the following:

  • A letter of introduction or welcome statement
  • A rate/price page (this can also be associated with photos of your products)
  • Contact information and email, along with basic customer service information.
  • An online order or quote form – a way for people to do business within your site by email.

Sometimes, you may want to expand the above categories into various pages and add Frequently Asked Questions, show photos of your facility, photos of your work, pictures of your staff, etc. It’s all possible.

What about Backgrounds, Text Colors, Original Graphics, etc?

24 Carat Design is a design specialist in what makes a web site look great. We can work with your present color schemes, graphics, etc., and we have facilities to create original graphics, if you so desire. Remember, this is an electronic medium. We can change and adjust your web site before and after it is constructed. As new technologies become available, we will offer you greater and more powerful options which you can incorporate into your web site. It is our job to keep track of this technology and to work with you until you are complete satisfied with your site.

What is the Production phase?

It is the process of creating/changing, coding and uploading web pages and associated digitized information (pictures, sound, video clips, etc.) that comprise one or more complete, functional web page(s) using HTML and/or JavaScript. It is the process involved in gathering the technical skills and technological resources to perform this task.

How long does it take to build a site?

Once you have provided us with the content (text, graphics and/or photos) for each page of your site and the color scheme and/or placement of this information, we will proceed to the Production phase. You will be provided with a checklist form of required items to help facilitate this. We will have your site ready to be online within 20 working days if you have selected Plan 1, 2 or 3 (see Pricing).

If you selected a Custom Plan or Web Site Revision, an online review will take place per the terms of the Agreement. Some clients prefer to distance themselves from the design process, while others wish to sign off on each step. Either way, we’ll work with you to complete your site quickly and get your business up and running on the information super highway.

Some ways to speed up the process:

  • Upon the purchase of your site, we will provide you with the checklist form and storyboard sheets on which you can put symbols indicating placement of your logo, graphics, text, and email button for each page.
  • Provide us with complete information about your company – text, photos, graphics, logos, order forms, etc. We will also need a maximum of 20 keywords/keyword phrases and a one-sentence description of your company (not to exceed 255 characters). Without this information, we can’t build your site.
  • Meet in person (or on the phone if you are distant) to go over your site’s progress.
  • Review your site online on your computer and let us know promptly about changes or corrections.

Can I make changes to my site after it is built?

Yes! You may make changes to the text and graphics on your site after it is uploaded to your host. You can do this automatically with FTP Access (see What Does This Mean?) or by contacting us and sending us the changes. This may be accomplished by a maintenance contract or on an as-needed basis billed hourly.

If you choose to FTP changes yourself, you will need the appropriate computer applications, knowledge, and time necessary to accomplish this.

What is the difference between a Unique domain name and a Regular name?

A Unique domain name is referred to as http://www.mybusiness.com. A Regular name is referred to as http://www.internetserviceprovider.net/mybusiness. Both work just as well, but the Unique name is shorter and legally belongs to you. We highly recommend that you purchase a Unique domain name to better promote or “brand” your company’s presence on the Web.

The cost of a Unique name is broken into two parts:

  • Ownership of the name for the first two years is $70, payable to the InterNIC via Network Solutions. However, we have access to domain name registration at far lower rates than this. If you wish, please check with us.
  • Activation of the name on your site is a one-time fee paid to your host.

What is “hosting”?

It is the processes, equipment and expertise needed to allow web pages to be viewed over the Internet on the World Wide Web (http) between a Browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) and a Server (hardware and software). There are many companies called hosts who charge various prices for hosting your site on their servers on a monthly, quarterly or annual cost basis. We can suggest a few that we have found are dependable and should meet your specific needs.

What is a server?

A server is a computer and router (hardware) using software that allows an interconnection with the Internet via TCP/IP while also running applications (software) that responds to HTTP requests for HTML documents and GIF/JPG images (and other digitized information that makes up a web page).

The server acts in such a way that these requests are answered by the transfer of HTML, GIF/JPG images and other digital information back over the Internet to the requester (also known as a client application or Browser).

Who can I find to host my web site?

We will be happy to provide you with the names of some hosts whom we have found to be dependable and reasonably priced. Some hosts will also promote you on several search engines for a one-time fee or, in some cases, at no charge for a one-time submission. Major search engines and directories such as Yahoo, LookSmart, etc. now charge for site submission. You may submit directly to them or we can take care of that for you.