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I just went on the AWESOME web site that you have created for Torpedo Zone of Salem. 24 Carat Design came through with flying colors!

Thank you for all the help you gave the company in registering our new domain name, designing the web site and company logo, writing many of the pages and editing the text on others, the extensive PhotoShop work involving all the graphics, search engine optimizing the entire site, setting up our online store, and placing us in Google Base for several of our products ... and the list goes on!

24 Carat Design is articulate, prompt and creative, and I am extremely pleased with the company's work and expertise!!!

Kim Cardwell, Owner
Torpedo Zone of Salem, LLC
Salem, Oregon

Our original website was pretty much a mess. We were getting more frustrated by the month with various problems. 24 Carat Design did a great job of completely revamping our site. The company worked closely with us and completed the project in an efficient and timely manner. 24 Carat Design pays close attention to detail and is very knowledgeable and professional.

We really appreciate what the company did for our website, and are happy to recommend it to others.

Jim Downing, BC-HIS, Owner
Beth Bell, Office Manager
Advanced Hearing Plus, Inc.
Springfield, Oregon

Originally we tried to do our web site development ourselves, but failed miserably, both in terms of what to say and how best to display it. Along came 24 Carat Design and magically our site took on a professional appearance.

We are pleased not only with the design but, equally important, with the speed and dedication that 24 Carat Design came through for us when we really needed it.

Carli R. Burke, President
Palmdale, California

24 Carat Design has the knowledge and expertise to design a high quality website. The company is responsible for contributing ideas and implementing them successfully to enhance my site. The company has a keen eye for detail and made excellent suggestions that make my site very professional-looking and eye-appealing.

I couldn't be more pleased with their work!

Rona Lee, Owner
R&R Services
San Luis Obispo, California

Our viewers worldwide tell us they are greatly impressed by our web site's attractiveness and layout. They say that it makes them eager to explore the web site further. One of my family members said, "I went to the SBSS site. It looks great! Very professional appearance. I really liked it."

We are very pleased with how 24 Carat Design has contributed to making our message a warm and inviting experience.

Maria Patterson, Director
Surviving Burns Support Services
Tucson, Arizona

As one viewer commented, "And the graphics were good enough that I left the site with the feeling that I would like having some of George Zien's work in my home." Thanks again for your supreme efforts, 24 Carat Design! You are wonderful -- you are fabulous -- send the bill!!!

George & Janet Zien
George Zien Studio
Sequim, Washington

I just visited your wonderful web site [George Zien Studio]! High praises to 24 Carat, who did a fabulous job in the design and navigation. Very professional.

Laurie Tanguay
LoBo Designs
June 2002

When I first started my shareware business, I thought that I would design and create the web site myself. However, I quickly found out what a monumental task this was and I needed help. 24 Carat Design came to my rescue.

24 Carat Design had the expertise, knowledge, and experience that I needed to put together a professional looking web site that I can be proud of. I couldn't be more happy with the care and dedication that the company showed in their design of my web site. Thank you, 24 Carat Design, for helping me get my business off the ground.

Mark Kendall, President
MKware Inc.
Gurnee, Illinois

24 Carat Design has been a tremendous help in helping Survey Systems realize the advantages in utilizing the Internet to provide visibility for company and its services. The company's knowledge of the Internet and the various search engines has resulted in a four-fold increase in the amount of traffic now visiting our site.

We are continuing to work with 24 Carat Design on maintaining and improving our most valuable marketing tool. I would highly recommend the company's services to any company looking for this type of help.

Gary Wilson, Sales
Survey Systems, Inc.
New Brighton, Minnesota

24 Carat Design was extremely instrumental in getting our site operational. The company quickly grasped the message and image we wanted to convey to our audience, and offered many suggestions that refined and enhanced both content and graphic elements. After spinning our wheels for months, we finally went to a professional and are happy we did!

Colleen Schmitz, Owner
Columbus, OH

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