24 Carat Design is available to help take you from your initial design idea to putting your site up on the Web and maintaining it.
We would first discuss how you want your site to look, how many pages you think you’ll need, what market you’d like to target, etc. You can then decide which of the three plans you would like or if you would like a custom plan. Then, we would develop some prototypes of a home page so that you can determine what design and colors best suit you. After you provide us with your design decision, logo, text, and any graphics you want, 24 Carat Design will begin to build your site. If you:

  • need your logo, other graphics, and/or animation created as an additional service, no problem.
  • would like forms or surveys included on your site, we’re here with the solution.
  • would like assistance with writing and/or editing text, we can provide that service.
  • want help selecting a domain name and registering it, and need suggestions for hosting your site, we offer that service too.
  • want help in optimizing your site’s ranking in search engines and directories, we’ll provide suggestions.
  • want a standard plan but would like to select certain additional services, that can be arranged.


Would you like a logo made for your web site?  24 Carat Design has the tools available to create one for you. If you would like buttons created for your web site navigation or photos scanned into the site, all the tools are on hand to accomplish this efficiently and creatively. If you would like a particular background graphic created to meet your specific wishes, that can be done too.

Do you want animated images or Flash movies? No problem!  24 Carat Design offers creation of Flash movies or banners for those situations where Flash is deemed the best solution to presenting your message.

24 Carat Design personnel work primarily with PhotoShop, ImageReady, Fireworks, and Macromedia’s Flash. To enhance your site, special effects can also be created using JavaScript, Java applets, and cascading style sheets. Check out our latest work at Moonlight Massage & Atoothfairy.

The Written Word

Writing for the web entails using a style that viewers can not only understand but that will catch their attention … and keep them reading your important information!  24 Carat Design‘s personnel have many years of experience writing, editing, and formatting text for different types of media, including television, CD-ROM interactive titles, and the Web.

24 Carat Design can write and/or edit:

  • text for your web site
  • copy
  • CD-ROM titles
  • business communiques
  • documentation
  • press releases
  • and suggest ways to improve your text for search engine optimization

24 Carat Design can also create PDF files for any files that can be saved as “print via PDF Writer” and include them on your site.

Publicity and Marketing

To help make your presence known on the Web, 24 Carat Design can write and submit press releases online to help publicize the virtual reality of your presence on the Internet.

24 Carat Design can also make marketing suggestions, such as what search engines/directories are best to submit your site to and how to get started with click-through advertising of your site. We have set up (and maintain) Google AdWords Select campaigns for other clients. Clients have found this an excellent click-through advertising method in order to be seen quickly on the web. This promotional tool is particularly helpful if this is your first web site or you are experiencing low search engine rankings for your present site.