6 subtle habits to instantly attract more gold and bring luxe into your life effortlessly

by 24K Staff

Ugg boots, vacations, that black dress hanging in the closet on the weekend – luxuries are things that we surround ourselves with. But how much of it do we actually use? How many bottles of expensive perfumes do we let pile up to the point they lose their glamor instead of exploiting their scent? This article offers 6 habits to bring more luxury into your life.

  1. Act like you already have it ALL: Given everyone’s basic desires to be accepted, loved, and to belong to something, narcissistic behavior is fairly intuitive. The more people – for example – believe they “deserve” your new car because you see yourself as entitled, the more they will want that car.
  2. Live consciously: Know what you want, why you are putting time and energy into it, and in what way these things have empowered your life in the past. Maintaining a sense of purpose and positivity will manifest luxe in your daily life so effortlessly.
  3. Physically SEE what you want: When we want something but don’t think it’s possible to obtain, a cognitive dissonance then kicks in. Separate your issue from the world by visualizing what you want repeatedly with assurance. What you picture is what you will create for yourself, and like attracts like!
  4. Write down your dream list: It’s time to transcribe all you want for 2017! Write out every want, wish, goal for the year in your journal – then read over it every time you’re feeling uninspired. Read your lofty aspirations with excitement and gratitude until you start to live in that reality / expectation too!
  5. Live as if: Living as if you’re rich has been scientifically proven to bring rich into your life! Like attracts like when it comes to where our thoughts and intentions lay! If you’re not rich and tomorrow you get a good ole Kentucky Lollipop tap of $ 1 million – congratulations! You get one million reasons why living as if will work out for you too
  6. Date your own worth: Asking each day’s worth what quality will manifest in that day helps us create an infinite supply of self-esteem and self-worth through conscious practices throughout our day.

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