7 Great Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin

by 24K Staff

1: Mining

Bitcoin mining (also called “mining” for short)
involves transactions made to safeguard the Bitcoin network. Mining is a lot like a public treasure hunt where people try to find Bitcoin’s “hidden treasures” by exploring its transaction history. Bitcoin miners solve transaction history puzzles to
find Bitcoin’s “hidden treasures” (known as
all time highs). The problem involves generating a 64 digit hexadecimal number (known as a hash) from un-duplicated transactions. Transactions are collected into blocks and then miners compete to find a hash for the new
block. The number of transactions in a block
determines the difficulty it’s solved at. The miner who solves the puzzle first
offered to block
to become the
latest block.

2: Investing

To invest in bitcoin you can buy BTC (bitcoin) at an exchange like Coinbase. Bitcoin is an open system that shares a universal record.
For example in the US, you buy Bitcoin at an exchange like Coinbase. Online exchanges purchase bitcoin from currency traders, taking care
of all of the logistics. When you have bitcoin in your exchange account, you get access to
buy and sell bitcoin anytime, anywhere.

3: Invest with Certainty

As more people use Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency becomes more in demand and the rate of return rises.
The value of Bitcoin has changed considerably over the years (from $ 0.003 to $ 9,000!) But
Net-worths have been growing alongside Bitcoins’ value.

4: Growing Job Market

Currently, there is an opportunity for a Blockchain Engineer. Jobs in the Bitcoin industry use a variety of training and support languages
including assembly, C, C ++, C.

5: Low Transaction Fees

Low Transaction Fees are a big plus for bitcoin as it is designed to be cheaper than Paypal and the like.
Bitcoin can handle lower volumes than the banking system. Fees from everyday bitcoin transactions are of small size and will not be an issue when you mention this next time you go shopping – a case of buying even a coffee.

6: Legal Tender

Recognized by law as a real and usable currency in countries such as the US wher it is (unofficially) legal tender. Japan recognizes bitcoin as a form
of payment as do big names in industry such as Microsoft,
Recognizes that bitcoin is a real form of payment.

7: Currency Wars

Finance industry insiders are now more likely to view Bitcoin as a vital hedge amidst the U.S. dollar value.

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