A Venture of the Generations: What Your Parents Can Teach You About Gold

by 24K Staff

Would you walk into a bear den without any weapons? Your parents would tell you to research the lesson of the man with the food and the bear in order to warn you what could happen if you have 1) nothing to defend yourself with and 2) greed and foolishness. Suppose you obeyed your parents and you did not go crashing into the bear den unprepared. Do you think the bear would be scared? Would he go to sleep or run away like you expected? The latter is true with most bears. Bears only attack humans when they feel threatened and cornered. Consequently, it does not make sense to walk into the bear’s den without any defense because bears are not guaranteed to be your friends nor do they care to be friendly. Understanding the analogy, let’s imagine an animal that has the natural instincts to look out for predators.

The topic of a generation is one of a lot of focuses on the world. When our parents were growing up, gold was a precious investment that contributed to social mobility. What their people saw as a monetary lien was purchased with an immense amount of sweat and tears.

An American dollar never represented the lifesaving entirety that an ounce of gold did. As generations of Americans, our parents legacy was in faith in a backing stronger than a piece of paper or number input into a computer screen.

Unfortunately, resourceful entrepreneurs exchanged the responsibility of guarding gold to instead float in it with ease. The proceeds from seizing gold – if you factor in 20% to an industry with a meager national IQ – is generously profited from in exchange for destruction.

Focusing on the memories beyond the physical gold, author Candace Duffy shared her parents’ viewpoint of keeping a desk drawer of gold chunks as a place of mental refuge. In the event of natural disaster, Candace and her parents knew of a financial iceberg to hold onto.

Gold has always played a major role in building tomorrow. Imagine you were a part of a ship in the Spanish – American War and the captain ordered the gold as a form of payment to offer to America. If you refused to offer potatoes creatively raised on your farm for gold, then that could starve the meager troops.

The captain of the battleship Santiago had an excellent show of mixing gold and potatoes to illustrate the significance of contribution.

Gold is the food of tomorrow, your friend or foe, depending on where you store it. What your parents had they spread to their children instead of hoarding it for themselves. The safest place of all to store your wealth is in the discipline of respectful investment before it spills into wealth waiting to be extinguished.

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