Covering Your Gold: Ways to Add Gold to Your Financial Portfolio

by 24K Staff

Until it can maintain its market value, adding gold to your financial portfolio is vital. Gold is recognized by investors and will always be seen as a commodity. Gold has proven over the last few decades to be a long term, predictable store of wealth, and saving in gold is an excellent way to diversify your investments. There are some different avenues where gold can be added to your portfolio.

Holding physical gold, typically 99.5% in bullions.
Buying gold stocks
Buying mining stocks
Buying gold ETFs and exchange traded funds
Passive gold funds (arm’s length exposure)

Physical gold, regardless of what form it takes, has always been a currency, solid store of value and a rare tangible asset.
Gold mining stocks are companies engaged in the mining of gold ore and the refining of the ore to form the metal.

Where to Buy:


A fund like the Permanent Fund Corporation is a type of institution set up to hold assets, much like a mutual fund. A fund sequesters its assets in a pool (hence the name) and the proceeds of its business are divided among its shareholders in proportion to the value of their holdings of the company’s shares.

Investing with physical gold or ETFs are the safer options. Mining stocks are for risk takers willing to prospects of crazier flows in the stock market.

Investing in gold provides protection from falling equities, swings in the currency market, and expensive chaos. Safeguarding your wealth with gold for financial peace of mind.

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