Gold Investment Hype vs. Bitcoin Investment Reality

by 24K Staff

Investing in gold has experienced a resurgence in hype as the American dollar has slumped to record lows. Canada’s Globe and Mail recently published an article on gold’s long-time value as a good investment, and now is as good a time as ever to buy. Bitcoin also has seen a frenzy of recent attention, rising in value astronomically in just a few years. Yet as the hype around gold returns, Bitcoin moves past mere form and into functionality. Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize money transfers around the world, transaction fees will be consistently lower than international Western Union fees, and because they are stored in the cloud and not as tangible asset, bitcoins are safe from robberies or issuers simply not following through on their promises.

Gold will always hold value as money, but as Americans lose faith in their currency, gold is not a foolproof alternative. Bitcoin is digital, so it too will likely suffer a devaluation if an organization like Quantitative Easing continues manipulating money value. Both Bitcoins and gold are viable investments, but Bitcoin provides a steadily rising value that gold simply cannot offer. A gold investment is still a safe choice, but not necessarily a lucrative investment. Bitcoin is not backed by an organization, but all digital currency offers unique, and often lucrative, opportunity.

Gold has had its role for centuries now, but it’s built on imperfections and trust being lost.
Bitcoin provides something that’s immutable and based on a sound set of principles – not speculation.
Below the surface it is a technology with the potential to solve many financial industry issues from around the world.

Gold Investment Hype

Gold is considered valuable due to that it’s a rare material only available through mining or through a lot of
manual work.
For centuries, gold has had its role as a valuable asset, based on imperfections on trusted currencies that are very unpredictable.

Bitcoin Investment Reality

As mistrust in currencies has grown, people are looking for alternatives to traditional financial institutions.
Bitcoin provides this sound and reliable alternative.
Bitcoin is a global public financial system that has the novel quality of being based on a sound set of principles as opposed to the flaws of trading gold and exchanging property.

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