The Five Best Bitcoin Books

by 24K Staff

Overview of Bitcoin

  1. Bitcoin has risen in popularity over the last few years
  2. Up until April of 2013 Bitcoin has remained a below-the-radar payment system for technology geeks
  3. What is it? Bitcoin is a digital virtual currency
  4. What’s the value of it? Bitcoins fluctuate in value but a single bitcoin is currently valued at $ 66
  5. Why should I care about Bitcoin? If it becomes a widespread virtual currency people will use bitcoins to buy goods and make transactions


  1. The Q Guide toBuying Bitcoins,
  2. Bitcoin: A World Currency?
  3. Bitcoin; a digital currency worth mining,
  4. Digital Money,
  5. Introducing: North America’s first bitcoin kiosk,
  6. 12 Things that Keep Traditional Economists Up at Night, Evan Schieber American Investor, iran-emrooz

Alternatives – What are they?

  1. Litecoin – Litecoin was created by programmer and former Google employee Charlie Lee and is currently worth around $ 89
  2. Paypal – Paypal is popular payment system but less widespread than Visa or Mastercard because of it’s association with credit cards
  3. Amazon – Amazon allows people to use it’s “points” as currency towards the purchases they make on the site
  4. Russian Federations Standard – The Russian Federations Standard (RFS) was set up in 2009 by the Russian Central Bank and is an attempt to compete with euros and dollars

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