The Illogical Niche That the Fashion Industry Drowns in

by 24K Staff

One of the saddest examples of conformity in the fashion industry is the acceptance of skinny models. Although unrealistic standards such as thinness have negative effects on mental health, this illogical niche has been more widely accepted than it should be.

After the recession, the industry lacked clients as they would forgo brand-new clothing at $ 5 a shirt. The solution to this dilemma was to produce cheaper fashion and bombard everyone (not just the high-end customers) with ads. While using a small frame for clothing may not be as costly as using a larger body type (shorter limbs on a frame is more efficient) the repeated imagery won’t wearaway on an impressionable child the way that a billboard might.

What these corporations also failed to realize is that in the long-run, they’d end up with a population less in tune with what suits a larger frame better and styled better. What once was a creative and artistic industry is now struggling to maintain the same level of innovation that they were reknowned for.

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