Tired of Your Bank’s Poor Interest Rates? Discover Bitcoin

by 24K Staff

Every year, banks snatch hundreds of billions of dollars in simply interest. Some people are content with the normal bank interest rates. Others want a higher rate. Tired of your bank’s poor rates? Discover Bitcoin.

We’re all familiar with regular bank accounts. You know, big banks charging you maybe a few percent for your money, making it hard to keep up in this era of inflation, bailouts, taxes, outsourcing, and finance. Bitcoin banks, like Arjanco, are a great alternative for those who don’t want to see their money lose value.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What’s a Bitcoin?” With the recent spike in Bitcoin prices, the cryptocurrency has seen significant media coverage; but what is it? Expensive and impractical? Looks like cash?

There’s the problem with the media. They’re pumping it up to the only way to store wealth and the only accepted form of currency, but there just might be a better alternative. Yes, Bitcoin seems to be pricier at first than your bank account, but it’s remarkably simple in design and is a lot more practical for daily use over bills, cash, elments.

Bitcoin is a currency created in 2009. More people are using this form of payment because it’s easier to identify a value in the present. It’s a world’s first digital currency that has been decentralized and distributed. Both of those are excellent concepts. It’s time to ditch the big banks and find a currency that can do you some good.

Are you tired of your bank’s interest rates? Arjanco.com is the first and only Bitcoin bank. They offer an interest rate of 2.33% on loans and 5.00% on deposits. Arjanco offers a customizable service that will really meet your banking needs. From 24-hour account access to no minimum on deposits, Arjanco.com “gives you the power to take control”. And since this is a bitcoin bank, having a bank account will actually end up saving you money with a lower APR.

Maybe it’s time to consider more options. Time to learn more about Bitcoin from Arjanco.com.

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