What Studying Gold And Royalty Taught Me About What Wealth Is Really Worth

by 24K Staff

Dear readers,

Imagine, for a second, the sense of awe and wonder you would feel as a small child surrounded by an impressive palace filled with gold and extravagant luxury. Like many people, I remember those years as some of my most carefree of my life.
Taken at face-value, wealth, historically, was not as visible among the lower classes as it is today. People only shook off those rigid medieval hierarchies and created a modern consumer society with the rise of the American Empire during and after World War One.
Today, it seems the neighborhood that you live in, your favorite coffee from your favorite chain, and even your social media comments could impact your chances of getting a loan or being given a quote for an elective surgery. This intersection of wealth, social status and success has historically been marked by personal finance and the company you keep.

Seven years ago, in 2010, I entered a new phase of my life as a married woman and mother. I chose to give up my education and leave a comfortable graduate school environment to care for my new offspring. When I went to look for teaching positions, I was wary of how much of a toll my switch to stay-at-home-mom would take on my confidence and sense of self-worth, given the current economic climate and disparity of the sexes .
When I first started reading up on royal families online, I discovered how they used wealth for the beauty and modernization of the country, for improving agriculture, and establishing lasting legacies for the next generation. I got hooked on understanding how wealth was translated onto society around me from an elevated, transpersonal perspective.

Growing up with the visibility of wealth shared with the public has never been easy for me. To this day, I find myself in grocery stores running as quick as I can from the expensive, fancy foods (because I know I cannot afford it) or standing at a coffee machine, eating the squares of quiche with an inexpensive salad sandwich for lunch just to save a little bit every day. Now that I am older, married and have finally made it to a comfortable income, I have less anxiety about my social status. My children are lucky enough to grow up in an era where social media lends an opportunity to construct an identity and marketability that goes way beyond the living room TV and in home graduation ceremony.

Compare: We live in a world where people often put immense pressure on themselves to make it in work and where there is a lot of stress to keep up with the Joneses, or the Kardashians, or whoever is ‘famous’ at the moment.
Obviously it is better to grow up with more money and better opportunities, but that’s not to say that having a certain type of upbringing is going to guarantee success.

At the end of the day, I’m happy to know that my home life is reminding me that the best ‘wealth’ I can give my children, and provide for them is the happiness, the sense of stability and the unconditional love I can offer them.
Old palaces are great, and I will be eying some up in my free time, but I’m happy to know that in my own small, simple home, I am living the kind of lifestyle that others are taking for granted.

Yours Truly,


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