What the Heck is Future Fashion and How Do We Know it When we see it?

by 24K Staff

Future Fashion work aims to push the boundaries of fashion and often collaborates with new technologies or starts as art installations.

  • Unique Designs
  • Innovative Materials
  • Designer Involvement

-Unique Designs
Many people associate Future Fashion exclusively with 3D printing but many designers, such as Hussein Chalayan, produce garments which twist our perception of what a garment should be.
His Award Winning 1992 work “Sheer Embroidered Camisole” is the perfect example of this with his use of thin nylon threads to render patterns at the point against the silhouette of the body.
Other designers, such as Iris Van Herpen, use unconventional materials such as thermoplastic, metal, and carbon fiber to create futuristic designs.

-Innovative Materials
Designers may use innovative and futuristic materials to convey their message of what tomorrow will look like. But not all novelty materials are intended to be worn as garments. For example, Hussein Chalayan’s work “Matrix” incorporates numerous fiber optics for lighting.

-Designer Involvement
What defines a Designer in the world of futuristic fashion? They’re often involved in the production of works, especially art installations. They will often source and globalize fabrics, challenge the silhouette, combine the aesthetic with science, and use socially aware materials in their designs.

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