Why wearing purity is about to become a golden fashion trend

by 24K Staff

It seems that a pretty iconic trend from the 1980s is about to make a come-back! The 90’s kids are now grown-ups and are reaching for a modern edge. It’s no surprise that after the likes of bucket hats and crimped hair came, and went, now we’re looking in the other direction – the long prom dresses and transparent belts.

Frilled skirts, purity dresses and shoulder pads are making their return for our fashion fixation when all our eyes just want to be on something banging. This new trend for the young and stylish is purity thanks to its perfect mix with the Madonna-style garbs.

But why is this trend happening? And what is it all about?

Let’s talk a little more now about why purity could be the new way to go for you or your daughter and what it means in the first place.

Purity: What does it mean?

The word is originally related to not having been harmed, used or come into contact with something wrong. It can also describe somebody who has not voluntarily committed sin. Of course it can also be used in another sense: the name for girls of typically nine to 18 years old
who are still pure for marriage.
The idea, back in the 80’s, was that we would wear purity as if it was one of the holy virtues. Honestly, it’s not just a thing of the gone past – but it’s been as if modesty has become fashionable over promiscuity. Meaning what kind of prom dress or party dress you can find here would be labeled as undressed.

Why is Purity coming into Fashion?
In maybe 10 years or so, if you enter a high-end and luxury store, purity would already be four designer collections you’ll see on the spot opposite some naughty lingerie collections. Let’s face it – people are looking for meaning again in things that are not just about clothing or shoes; they want clothes for their elevated life. And purity is something that everybody needs no matter of being religious or not: today we need moral values ​​more than ever before (remember what happened last year with Hollywood?).

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